2020 Noise Magazine (Poland) December

2020 Decibel Magazine. October

Decibel Magazine

2020 Heaviest of Art. August

2020 Banger TV. March

2019 Heavy Demons Radio show. October

And the one on the radio show (English audio, Italian subtitles):

The whole radio show with playlist

2016 Deaf Forever. Germany.

2014 Gothenburg Art Museum catalogue

Gothenburg Art Museum catalogue. 2014. Featuring artwork and an interview regarding this special exhibition. Running until January 17th. 2016. Avilable only at the museum.

2013 jedbangers. argentina

Part of a series of articles for this magazine. Regarding the creative side, and story surrounding the making of the album covers.
This issue focus's on the Altars of Madness cover.

2012 beardrock u.s.a

Online articleülf

2011 Juxtapoz u.s.a

A ten page article.  Great issue of a magazine i also love.

2013 Heavy Metal Artwork

December 2013  

2011 Metalized. Denmark

2 page interview

2011 Sweden Rock

Interview about 'The spectral sorrows' album, and the creation of the cover art.

2010 Staf. Spain

4 page interview. Spain's coolest art magazine.

2010 Rock Sound. U.K

2 pages.

2010 Fantasy Art. China

13 pages of my artworks featured, plus an interview for this very well produced magazine.

2010 Revolver. U.S.A

Had a page dedicated to 'Effigy- Suffocation album art' + competition to win art from the store

2009 Alternative Press. U.K

Readers poll also votes the album art for The Devil Wears Prada. Best cover of the year.

2010 Revolver. (Art special) U.S.A

2009 Metal hammer. Germany.

I made a special artwork for the centerfold. Flipside poster was Metallica. + competition to win art prints.

2009 Metal Hammer. Germany

This issue features a centerfold poster of Dismember's Like an Ever Flowing Stream album art

2009 Terrorizer. U.K

Terrorizer is a great magazine, and been nice to me. Here they include a competition to win some of my art store products.

2008 Zero Tolerance. U.K

I was asked to contribute to the HR Giger article. My Pleasure of course.

2008 N.R.G. Denmark

Interview and art

2007 Terrorizer. U.K

2007 Miasma. Finland

2007 IdN. China

2007 Dark City. Russia

Interview + art

2007 Chaos. Germany

2006 Zero Tolerance. U.K

2006 Terrorizer. U.K

Interview + art

2006 Rock Hard. Germany

Interview + art

2005 Zero Tolerance. U.K

2005 ZOR. Poland

1994 Iron Pages. Germany

1992 Rock Hard. Germany

My first real Interview.

1992 Thrash 'n Burn. U.K

This featured a centerfold poster of my art for Entombed's Clandestine album