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For the Fallen
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For the Fallen

Acrylic on board
30 x 15 Inches

Gatefold scale artwork. For the band: Memoriam
Album title: 'For the fallen'

A funeral procession moving through a long war torn cityscape. Twisted shards of towers & buildings. A cathedral facade stands defiantly, yet riddled with destruction and decay. At closer inspection the structures all seem to be infected with an element of natural decomposition, as if organically inclined to fade with the demise of the season.
The season itself lost in a timeless void.
The figures appear as remnants of once soldiers, now strange in their gathered mass. Drawn forwards by the drifting momentum of the procession. Unaware of their emaciated state they follow the commander.

The Commander's elongated appearance is tattered and almost creature like, with the combat style elements and gas mask falsely presenting as a costume.

The procession appears almost ghost like, ancient and serene, slowly moving through this eerie place as if forever.

Far in the background there might still be a war happening, but perhaps in another time. As we view a sub level of reality. Lost in the present. Captured in light, where the war had passed through, we are left in a ghost biology. Where chemicals and history meet to create an inescapable surrealism
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