Dan Seagrave

Born in Worksop U.K in 1970, and growing up predominantly in the village of Ravenshead. The close proximity to the City of Nottingham provided an experience of both rural and urban life for Dan. Schooled in the neighbouring coal mining village of Rainworth during the decline of the industry. At age 17 He produced an album cover for a local thrash metal band 'Lawnmower Deth'. Who landed an indie deal. This resulted in creating many more covers for their record label 'RKT' for no pay, but rather driven by the desire to see the art published.
As these albums found their way onto the desks of other Record companies, Including Roadrunner Records in New York. Dan was increasingly being commissioned to create works for the then newly exploding Death Metal music revolution.
From 1990 at age 19, he began to spend time in Canada, making friends in Toronto, and found spending a few months a year there gave some perspective on his home origins.
During later visits, the opportunities that became available abroad on a creative and artistic level led to a position as head painter and art director of a company in Toronto. Dan received resident status for Canada in 2003 and has continued to spend time in the U.K as much as possible, preferring not to loose touch with his roots.
Aside from commissions for bands, Dan works on his own personal projects, which can be a time consuming process. Spending over a year on some paintings.
Often working in a meticulous style to convey epic scenes such as with the Temple series. Evoking themes of greed, isolation, depersonalization, and evolution.

Note: The art included on this site is a selection of work, and not a comprehensive list.