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Sovereign Decent
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Sovereign Decent

Acrylic on board


Album cover for Landmine Marathon's 2010 release. 'Sovereign Decent '.
I wrote an explanation of this work at the time of release. Here is my edited version.

The Bloodite Monolith
life has been eroded to an almost entirely lost state. mankind has aggrandised his own image in architecture and other matter, beyond thought of the balance of nature. He has carved his name into the earth with his own blood. The massive structure depicted, is a sickened icon of his works, a multi platformed semi genetic fasard built from the blood of mankind, and his fossilized remains. Its creeping oppressive mass dispenses every hour upon the arid earth, roughly hewn slabs of 'Bloodite' stone, from within which crumbles forth a proto human form. Its short wandering time on the plains spent scouring for all remaining life. The sound of a rumbling drone from the structure will call its offspring back to the fold, where they will be broken down and re-absorbed. Their matter then recycled, and born again as a new form upon the earth. As it continues its slow shift forward by uprooting itself from the one side with its red roots, and piercing the ground from the other to take hold, Its ancient journey still has eons to go.
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