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Mind Reflection's

Gouache on watercolor board


Album cover for the band Pestilence. This was for a final compilation of their music. It was also the last album cover i did for the 90's era.
This cover is copyright Roadrunner records. In 1997 I was asked by a magazine to send in some art to use as a cover for their next issue. Its common practise to use album art to feature as poster centrefolds and such promotional things. So i sent in a transparency of this art to be used in this way. Not a problem? The magazine then suggested i make a new artwork (see Green Eels image). I did just that. Unbeknown to me, they returned my 5x4 transparency, but made a duplicate copy, and sold this to a record label in Singapore. It appeared on the album 'Unmoored. Kingdoms of greed'. I only heard about this via a suspicious fan who emailed me much later. This of course put me in a litigious position with Roadrunner records who I had not been in touch with for a few years at the time. But who were advertising in this persons magazine. All I could do was write a letter explaining what had happened, and what this person had done. I never heard back from Roadrunner. I did also see some bad press on me, regarding the secondary use of the art for the Unmoored album. This bothered me for a long time, as i felt that the person in question not only got away with it for the sake of $700 (according to the record label he sold it to). But undoubtedly slandered my name in the process to cover his back and not loose his advertising client. 
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