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Clandestine (Winter Solstice)
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Clandestine (Winter Solstice)

Acrylic on Board
17 x 17 Inches

Painting featured as album cover for the band Entombed. Title: Clandestine (Winter Solstice) 2016
A transformative work and sequel in Narrative terms to my 1991 artwork used on the Entombed album 'Clandestine'.
The record itself is a re-imagining of the Clandestine music, made with an orchestra.
My side title in quotations (Winter Solstice) is not used in the album. It is my personal working title.
It was decided with the band that the same location as depicted in the 1st artwork, would appear again at a different point in time, and under a new season. That of winter.
Working in that visual setting. I recreated the scene location, which I refer to as 'The Birthing Hollow' (my title for the original 1991 painting). and in my mind have set this approximately 100 years after the original depiction. If the 1st artwork was set in Autumn. This artwork represents a very long winter that has lasted decades. Under which time the frozen and dormant figures, which lay twisted in the banks and roots of the hollow, have evolved slightly. (If you compare the two images). Now thawing from this season. The central stone circle rises again from the ice to emit a new breed of life.
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