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At Death's Door
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At Death's Door

Gouache on watercolour paper
About 50 or 53cm square

My first painting for Roadrunner Records. made in Early July 1990
For the compilation: At Death's Door.
The circumstances surrounding this were.
I was 19. Had recently left home, and was staying at a friends house briefly before imminently heading on a trip to North America. This painting was made quickly and in an attic room with barely any lighting.
Monte Conner From the label had asked me to come up with something for this release.
I got the idea by just thinking of the simple fact that it was a Death Metal compilation of bands. Death and an entry into the experience of it. Hence the phrase 'Death's Door' came to me as a title and concept. It's a very simple visual idea. But also worked really well I think.

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